FASHION: Vata Brasil - Sportswear collection from RSK Sports
FASHION: Jessica - Aberdeen / Edinburgh, Scotland
FASHION: Glitzy Angel Spring Collection
FASHION: Lauren - Perth, Scotland
FASHION: Rhiannon - Dyserth, North Wales.
FASHION: Justina - Aberfoyle, Scotland
FASHION: Sheree - Sydney. Australia
FASHION: Gemma - Tayside, Scotland
FASHION: Somi - Dundee, Scotland.
FASHION: Rebecca - Ayrshire, Scotland.
FASHION: Susan - Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Fashion: Nicole - Angus, Scotland
Fashion: Home studio or on location

Fashion Photography

Here are some of the models I have photographed in Scotland, UK and round the world. Beauty and style can be found wherever you go.

I am always happy to help new models build their portfolio. Contact me for more details or to arrange a photoshoot.

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